On February 19, 2011, the Board of Directors, as well as members present, voted in new members.  We would like to send out a big welcome to:

Rhonda and Ross Johnson

Monica Smith

Raymond Finn

Jackie Porter

Robyn Sasso

Welcome to the Sunshine State Rhodesian Ridgeback Club.  Glad to have you on board!


Ormond Beach started the show year off for many of the SSRRC members and their dogs.  The shows at Ormond saw first points for many of the new dogs.  Let's hear it for the boys!

Jethro - Kengali's Beyond Boundaries - owned and loved by Ginny Merchant - Winner's Dog on Friday

And then there is Bullet - Ridgehill's Shooter's Red Bullet.  Owned and Loved by Carol and Bill Smith.  This young boy got his first points in Ormond Beach on Saturday!!

And finally, let's not forget Toby - Spring Valley-Ridgehill's I Wanna Talk About Me.  Toby got his first 2 points on Sunday!  Toby is owned and loved by Dixie and Randy Saxe and Carol Smith.

All of the boys were owner handled!!

And there were some other bigs wins as well.

On Friday, January 7, 2011, Bindi, owned and loved by Matthew Coughlin and Denise Eberhard, went Best of Breed.  
Here is Bindi - Ch. Regal Tolerton's Luminara Unduli for Bindura.  Bindi has always only been owner handled by Matt Coughlin.

And Star got her first major in Brooksville.  Star is Kimani's Rising Star at Windermere and is owned and loved by Elaine Petersen.


GCH CH Khalfani's Dreamcatcher of Roccridge "Sabu" was invited to Eukanuba 2010 and had the No 1 Grand Champion Bitch Points for a Ridgeback in the State of Florida (AKC, February 4, 2011.

Dr. Paula Alshouse and Khalfani Kennels have received the AKC Breeder of Merit Certification!  

Way to go Dr. Alshouse!

A Westminster Tale

Two Florida Girls Do Manhattan 

Bindi and Esme traveled all the way to New York City to show at the Westminster Kennel Club at Madison Square Garden on February 14, 2011.  The drive was long, but everyone was excited to make this trip.

Once in the city, we made our way to the Hotel Pennsylvania and downstairs to the infamous wood chips to try and do some "business." The girls proved to be real troopers and decided it was warmer to take care of business inside than try to go in to the cold and on the cement outside.  

The benching area was crazy.  All of the hounds were mushed together and crates were on the floor and there was no place for the owners and exhibitors to sit.  Needless to say, 9 hours on your feet was no fun, but the electrically charged atmosphere of the backstage area seemed to take all of that away.

Show time started for the Ridgebacks at 2:30, and there were 56 of them.  Broken up in to several groups, Bindi and Esme were in the last group of bitches and it was 3:30 before they saw the green carpet.  

Wow!  The excitement and the crowd proved to be too much for Bindi.  She danced and pranced around the ring and showed that she was definitely happy to be there.  Esme looked like an old pro.  And when it came time for the judge to make his first cut, ESME MADE IT!  We were all very happy to see this Florida girl make it to the next round.  Go Esme.

And then, Esme made it to the second cut and was awarded an Award of Merit - proving she was one of the best of 56 Ridgebacks that day

Way to go Esme.!  You made all of us proud.  Best of all, Esme was owner handled by Ginny Merchant.  What a great day!

2011 Westminster

Herbal Remedies for our furry friends

Herbs and other natural remedies are making their way in to our lives every day.  There are ongoing debates whether or not our canine friends would benefit from herbs and other supplements, but as research continues, all fingers point to the answer  that yes indeed they would.

Here are a few popular herbs and what they can be used for.  I have also included a few recipes that Barbara Turpin, breeder at Of Course Rhodesian Ridgebacks has made and uses on her dogs with great success.

These herbs are meant in no way to replace good veterinarian care for your dog.  Any ailment that is severe in natural or persistent should be immediately referred to your vet.  You should also consult your vet prior to using herbs if the condition is potentially life threatening.

Can comfort skin from the effects of a bug bite and lick granulomas and hot spots.  The astringent taste of it will, in most cases, keep the animal from licking the area where applied.  Always use this externally on your pet.

Used to aid in urinary function.  Can be used in powder or capsule form

Cleanses the system of toxic waste.  Can also aid in urinary output and bowel movements.  Be careful if you want to pick them out of your yard for a doggy supplement - they need to be free of pesticides and fertilizer.

There are so many uses for this herb.  Many herbal practitioners use garlic as a natural flea deterrent.  Another benefit is that it aids the body in getting rid of toxins as well as aid in lessening free radicals which have been known to cause cancer.  it can be used fresh or in the powder form and should not be used in excess.  


 Used to aid in upset stomach as well as motion sickness.  Give one capsule 30 minutes prior to a car ride and your pooch should be good to go

A natural breath freshener.  It helps the function of nearly every organ in your body to rid itself of toxins.  If given correctly, parsley makes a nice dietary supplement for your dog


 Jim and Carole Myers, the parents of RUGER RIDGEBACK MYERS, spent about a month in South America and Antarctica.  They spent Christmas on an Expedition in the Antarctica.  Here is their story.

   In December, we flew to Buenos Aires, Argentina; spent a day or two there and then boarded THE WORLD cruise ship in Buenos Aires and traveled 6 days to Ushuaia.

    Like us, some of the 235 guests on board were relatives of owners.  The ship is the size of a cruise ship that would carry 2000 passengers; but since some of the residences are 5000 square feet (and some are as small as 344 square feet) it is a very unique experience.  Ushuaia, Argentina was enjoying their summer time which is about  45 degrees during the daytime. Ushuaia is a busy port city in the summer and is iced over in the winter.  The ship docked in Ushuaia for 2 days.  From there, the ship embarked on a 7 day expedition to Antarctica, crossing 1000 nautical miles from Ushuaia, around Cape Horn, though the treacherous Drakes Passage, and into Antarctica.

    Carole participated on each of the five-day trips to explore various landings on Antarctica.  There were different families/colonies of Penguins from one landing to another.  There were a variety of rare birds and seals and other wildlife indigenous to the region to enjoy. There were also the remains of an old volcano, thousands of icebergs, and mountainous terrain adjoining the beaches.

    One of the stops was Palmer Station, an American scientific research outpost manned year-round.  Winters have a much smaller crew as they are stranded there til spring.

    It was exciting to spend Christmas and New Years on the ship.  Carole had an excursion to Antarctica on Christmas Day - something that she will never forget.  After returning to Ushuaia, the 1st week of January, we stayed another night in a hotel in downtown Ushuaia, then flew on to Buenos Aires and spent another 4 days there before flying back to Florida.

    In Buenos Aires, we spent time leisurely shopping in various neighborhoods of this 600 year old city of about 12 million people. We went on a privately guided tour of the city, went on a visit to the Archdiocese of Buenos Aires Cathedral, and spent an evening at an event on how to do Tango Dancing. We also had a visit to the modern and historic sections of the city and we saw the unmarked tomb of Eva Peron.  Buenos Aires is a beautiful European-influenced city with thousands of little tiny taxis.  There were also many makes and models of cars not seen in America.

A trip of a lifetime to see a part of the planet very few get to enjoy.  


Dates to Remember

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