Please take a moment to look at all of the wonderful things our club members have been doing and have accomplished these past few months.


 AKC Lure Coursing

We were fortunate enough to have 2 lure coursing events this winter/spring.  Even more fortunate to get many more Ridgebacks qualified to run.  

Zuri's Ropasa Escapade,SC, aka  "Zuri" received her AKC SC (Senior Coursing) title after the March coursing event.  Zuri also courses with ASFA and at the Apalachee Coursing event, up in Tallahassee, went Best in Field over 35 dogs.  Zuri represented the Ridgebacks well that day!!  In April, on the first day, Zuri was Best of Breed and earned her major toward her AKC Field Champion title.   Zuri is owned and loved by Robyn Sasso

Also earning a Senior Courser title was Finn - Kengali's Leap of Faith, SC.  During the March event, Finn earned another point toward his Field Champion title.  Finn is owned and loved by Denise Eberhard, Matthew Coughlin and Ginny Merchant.  

Ch. Lilly Mandisa Tucker, JC - Lilly - also earned a point toward her Field Champion title.  Way to go Lilly.  Lilly is owned and loved by Stacey and Nathan Tucker.

Also getting qualified and running at the March event was Nixie - TuckerRidge Radiant Water Sprite, JC.  She is in pink in the picture below.  Nixie is owned and loved by Cassandra Carpenter.

Another Qualified Courser and runner is GCh Regal Tolerton's Luminara Unduli for Bindura - Bindi.  Bindi is owned and loved by Denise Eberhard and Matthew Coughlin.  Bindi is in yellow in the picture below

And then there is Deja - Kengali's Deja Vu Sheza Blonde Too.  Deja not only got qualified to run, she earned a 3 point major toward her Field Champion title that day!  Way to go Deja.  Deja is owned and loved by Ginny Merchant.



Brand new champions are always exciting.  Here are the new champions since the last newsletter

CH. Kengali's Leap of Faith, SC.  

Finn finished his championship with a 4 point major at the Treasure Coast Kennel Club on May 1, 2011. Finn was owner handled to all of his points.   Finn is owned by Denise Eberhard and Matthew Coughlin and Ginny Merchant.  He was bred by Ginny Merchant.  As promised to him, Finn will now get to lay on the couch and run his heart out on the coursing field. 

CH. Rouxridge Samira Serafina
Sammi finished her championship with back to back majors at the  Sara Bay Kennel Club on February 19, 2011 and February 20, 2011.  Sammi is owned and loved by Leigh Kniskern and was bred by Sharon LeRoux.  


New Member Section

 Welcome new member Ray Scott.  Voted in on April 30, 2011.

Meet a New Member
Robyn Sasso became a member of SSRRC in February 2011.  New to the Club, she is far from being new to the breed of Ridgebacks.  Robyn has been involved with the breed for nearly 9 years when she got her first Ridgeback, Peaches of Togojo.  Peaches is a Therapy dog, which makes sense since Robyn is in school for Medical Laboratory Technician and she works at Munroe Regional Hospital as a physical therapist.

Robyn has bred 2 litters and from her second breeding, kept Zuri's Ropasa Escapade - better known as Zuri.  Zuri has her UKC championship title, her International Champion title, her CGC and is an SC in lure coursing.  Zuri has only recently started in AKC conformation.  

So if you see Robyn, and you will most likely see her on the field, stop by and welcome her to SSRRC.


More Coursing Brags

 More coursing fun in April saw many more SSRRC dogs get there QC and start their field careers.

We have Deputy Dawg - Ch.Khalfani's Deputy Dawg, owned and loved by Dr. Paula Alshouse and Alan Alshouse.  He is pictured in blue in the picture below.  We even heard a few excited barks emitted by the Deputy Dawg as he chased the bunny!!  You go Deputy!

Windancer's Jambo Kando Ya, owned and loved by Joan Lipiec, had a ball on the field as well.  He will surely be a force to be reckoned with at future coursing events.

Not to be outdone by the boys, Esme showed that the girls can have fun, too.  Esme got her 2nd major at the April event and is well on her way to becoming a dual champion.  Esme is Gch. Kengali's Spirits R' Zoomin, SC.  and she is owned and loved by Ginny Merchant.

And Strider - Kengali's Renegade Rebel, SC - proved he is still going strong at nearly 6 years old.  Strider is owned and loved by Ginny Merchant.