Welcome members and guests.  Our year has wound down and what a year it was to be in Florida and be a member of the Sunshine State Rhodesian Ridgeback Club.

2012 saw many changes for our club.  We have taken great strides in becoming an AKC recognized club in order to run AKC lure coursing and AKC Regional shows.  Orlando was the center of the Ridgeback world for one week in November as the 81st RRCUS National Specialty came to our state.  And in December, the Eukanuba National Show returned to Orlando for its second year.  

Fun times in the Sunshine!

Our members have had fun this quarter on the Field, in the ring, putting on the fun runs and the fun matches.  We worked hard at the Specialty and enjoyed making new friends an catching up with old ones.  

Please enjoy the newsletter.  You all earned the accolades presented below.


President:                    Matthew Coughlin
Vice President:           Linda Gaunaurd
Treasurer:                    Lisa McElroy
Secretary:                    Ginny Merchant
Board of Directors:    
          Stacey Tucker
          Elaine Petersen
          Carol Smith


 Please help support your club in 2013.  As we make our way toward becoming AKC certified, it is going to take each and every one of you to help make this a possibility.  By volunteering to help with coursing events to taking on the show responsibilities, we need EVERYONE to help out.  Not only do we need help with the events, we need your entries as well.  

FIRST UP on the calendar:

SSRRC will be holding its first A match on January 5, 2013 after the BIS at the Greater Daytona Kennel Club's show.  
Show closes January 3, 2013 at Lisa McElroy's house at:

P.O. Box 1498
Sarasota, FL  34230

Entries can be mailed.  $7.00 per dog.  Ridgebacks only.  THERE WILL BE NO DAY OF ENTRY.

Premium list to follow.

SECOND UP on the calendar:

SSRRC will be holding its first ASFA event on February 9 & 10, 2013 in High Springs, Fl at SpringRidge Farms.  

Premium to follow.


 Our club had its second ASFA Fun Run on September 16, 2012 on Spring Ridge Field in High Springs.  A HUGE thank you to the Johnson's for allowing the club to use their field for this event.  

We had Ridgebacks, Whippets, Borzoi and a Pharoah Hound run and in the end, it was Whippet, Jay-Z that walked away (or maybe ran away) with the Best in Fun Trial rosette!

A big thank you for all that came out to support the club.  We will be putting in our paperwork to become ASFA certified and able to put on ASFA events. 



Earning her Field Champion title at the RRCUS 3 day event was FC Terra Christa's Khaleesi Dragon by Kengali.  Way to go Khaleesi.  Khaleesi is bred by, owned and loved by member Ginny Merchant.

SSRRC and RRCUS joined together for a week end in October to bring 3 days of Lure coursing tests and trials as well as CAT trials.  On the field in High Springs, SSRRC took one step closer to becoming AKC cerified to hold AKC Coursing events.  

On Friday, Riffe was the Best in Field winner.  Saturday and Sunday, Best in Field went to Andrew (Whippet).  

It's All in the Release

New Member, Annie Johnson, submits the following: 

Annie has just started coursing with her dogs and enjoys it a great deal  - despite learning a painful lesson on proper release of your hound!

Mhondi is a clam, quiet, well-behaved, never-pushy two year-old male Rhodesian ridgeback. His past performance in Lure Coursing had been, I’ll say it, dull. He didn’t really have any interest… and it was like leading a lamb up to the starting line, but never underestimate the lamb!

On a balmy September morning in Florida, while watching the field, Mhondi figured out the “game” of lure coursing, and it was Game On! Now understand, that I have been living with Mhondi the “lamb” for two years, I was totally unprepared for the inner Mhondi to explode at the starting lineup and thus not being ready for the Tally Ho (his slip collar was loose, and leash dangling) Mhondi was off after the bunny! I, on the other hand, was left standing at the starting line, holding my forehead! In a lame attempt to get the collar and leash out of Mhondi’s way to prevent injury to him, I inadvertently flung it around and whacked myself in the forehead with the slip-collar ring just above my right eye.

Mhondi ran great and I had a little bump on my eyebrow…but I was HAPPY! He ended up winning second place, getting beat by a Whippet in the singles category. However, that whack turned into one of the prettiest / proudest shiners I have ever had! The moral of the story, safety first for both you and your hound and never underestimate the lamb! Also, should your dog show lack luster interest…give it time, keep coming to coursing events, and you too may get to witness your dogs inner “Mhondi”.

Please see below for the proper use of a slip collar and & release of your hound

Release the hounds


Several puppies made their ring debut at the National Specialty.  

Maverick - Crooked Roof's Royal Flush - owned and loved by Amanda Kelley, made his debut in the 6-9 month puppy dog class.

Another puppy making his debut at the Specialty was Tsabo - Jafari Ridge Ghost and the Darkness of Spring Valley.  Tsabo is owned and loved (and bred) by Manny and Linda Gaunaurd

And making her debut with her brother is Lola - JafariRidge Copacabana Show Girl of Spring Valley.  Lola made her debut in the 6-9 puppy bitches.  


Ginny Merchant sure had a great week-end in September.  At the West Volusia Kennel Club shows, Ginny finished 3 (yes, THREE) of her dogs.  

Jethro and Tori finished with majors on Saturday, and then Diva earned her champpionship with a major on Sunday

Jethro is CH. Kengali's Beyond Boundaries

Tori is now Ch. Kengali's Perfectly Posh.  (and here she is saying exactly how she feels about the show ring!)

And Diva goes by the name of CH Kengali's Matahari Diamond Diva


 The 81st RRCUS National Specialty was held in Orlando on November 8 - 14, 2012.  The Specialty kicked off with lure coursing our at the beautiful Florida Horse Park in Ocala and ended with the Best of Breed compietition at the Doubletree by Hilton at Universal Entrance hotel.  In between, member dogs participated in Agility, Rally, Obedience and Conformation.  Please enjoy the photo gallery of SSRRC member's dogs at the National Specialty.

2012 National Specialty


Once again, the biggest dog show came to Orlando on December 15 & 16, 2012.  This year was different than years past in that the AKC allowed class dogs to compete for points and placements.  

Winner's Bitch and Best of Winners was Raven, owned and loved by Casey Carpenter.  

Enjoy the photos of members dogs that were shown at Eukanuba this year.  


 At the 2012 National Specialty, owners and rescue dogs got to participate in the Rescue Parade.  What a great way to show off these wonderful dogs and allow them to have a piece of the spotlight on the National stage.  Here are some photos from that event.

2012 Rescue Parade


List of Toxic Foods.  
Please be aware of these potential harmful foods that many of us have in our homes.



Now that the club is an ASFA Affiliate member, we are looking for members to help locate fields in the Lakeland/Polk/Plant City area for bringing trials to another area of the state to service more members and other hounds. Requirements for the field:  basicall level, or softly sloping hills, no cacti, sand spurs, or chuck holes.  Field needs to be at least 20 acres and does need to be mowed.  If you know of any field, let Matt Coughlin know.

The AKC has approved SSRRC to move on to "A" status.  This means we need to hold 2 A matches in order to make the first step.  Annie Johnson and Ginny Merchant have taken over this task and have targeted the Saturday, January 5, 2012 Greater Daytona Dog Fancier's show to hold our match.  If you would like to help our Annie and Ginny, please contact them and offer your help.  

Eukanuba is set to remain in Florida for the 2013 year.  If any members are interested in doing the Meet the Breed booth at Eukanuba next year, please contact Celia Hoffman at Karhiba@aol.com.  Celia can direct you on who to contact and what to do.